About MY Web Design.

We're here to help solve your creative challenges. We help businesses grow by designing a beautiful yet strategic website that will engage visitors, and increase sales.

Founded in 2002 by Mike Youngsma, MY Web Design OC is a creative web design studio based in Huntington Beach, CA, and serving all of Orange County.

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We're a web design studio based in Orange County, CA

AAE Aerospace
Asics America
Brothers Healthcare
Brothers Pharmacy
Creative Teaching
Derma Medix
Dolfin Swimwear
Dolphin Galleries
Drains to Ocean
Elite Medical
Financial Profiles, Inc.
Gaylord Nantais
Golden State Water
Grating Pacific, Inc.
HBHS Surf Team
Lap Motorsports
Lassen Galleries
NACD Southwest
Padre Foundation
Pentair Water
Phoenix Medical
Premier Builders
Profile Design
Rusty Surfboards
Santa Rosa Archdiocese
Specialized Surfaces
Stone Road Organics
Sukut Construction
Surfrider Foundation
TandD Communications
The Best Publishing
Thompson Tee
Tri-Star Restaurants
TS Restaurants
TYR Sports
United Material
Vestal Group
Von Zipper
Waste by Rail
W.E. O’Neil
Weber Financial, Inc.
West Marine
Website design
Webflow development
Website migration
Brand strategy
UX design
Logo design
Brand identity
Digital marketing collateral
How do I get started?

Simply give us a call, schedule a call, or email us to discuss your project in detail. Once we know all the details we will put together a proposal for the cost of your entire design project.

How much are your services?

We don't charge an hourly rate. After we go over your project in detail, we will provide a proposal with a cost for the project. Our rate is based on the value our skills and expertise can provide to your business. Chances are, if you are trying to stick to one number, we can adjust our plan to meet your needs. For new clients, we require an initial payment representing fifty-percent of the total fee, before we commence work on your project.